Writing Guidelines

Not accepting gay people, mental illness stigmatism, class warfare, tattoos and piercings are evil, your religion is evil, your fat so you must be unlikable, ect… you get it.

No real guidelines per say, and there probably isn’t much I won’t publish, and I’m not a grammar or spelling freak, I will edit the best I can, but I care more about what you have to say,


Are you a fully licensed 501c3?Togg NO!! Nor do I care to dare or bear the process again any time soon. We are a grass roots movement using social media and a website as a source to speak truth, discuss change, and provide help What is peer 2 peer?A peer 2 peer group is a…

Welcome Post

So this is it, our last stand, our final run if you will. To say things didn’t go as planned is putting it mildly. But you know that old saying about you can wish in one hand and you know what in the other. So where are we today? Well Ross and I have both…